wanted to touch on this for a few days, but i’m lazy. then Sunshine Mary (forgot which post, like i said….lazy) posted on how women actively seek approval and validation from men, even the ones they aren’t attracted to.

i remember my mother telling me a loooooooong time ago that in every successful relationship, there is a leader and a follower. my mother is an admitted follower. i asked her what i was (like i said, i was young) and she told mei was a leader. some guys/people (despite gender) are natural leaders. when i first joined the navy i remember a crusty E6 gave the best 3 pieces of wisdom i’ve EVER been given.

-“your job is to keep your bosses boss off your bosses back”

-“the best leaders do so without ever really telling anyone what to do, and he takes care of his people.”

-“a good leader…

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