Belated Strengthening

Alpha Is Assumed

There is a strength that a man is required to have if he has any hope of leading the life he should.  Some of us are fortunate enough to develop this strength in childhood.  Sunshine Mary:

 I was at a carnival a number of years ago that had this enormous inflatable slide – the thing was like two stories tall, no kidding. A boy of about eight had gone up and was then too scared to slide down. His mom and auntie were trying to coax him down while the rest of us waited; a couple of minutes later, his dad walked up and yelled, “What the hell is your problem? Quit being such a little girl! Slide down the damn slide.” And the kid did.

And I bet the kid liked it.

Undoubtedly, that’s not the first time his dad did that sort of thing, nor was…

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