The female body

The Salacious Musings of Eros



The female human body has 206 bones. More than 600 muscles. 1000 kilometers of neurons. 46 chromosomes. Oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon, and a smattering of other trace elements. And it only takes about 9 months to make one, start to finish. The human body is a remarkably efficient machine – strong yet flexible, delicate in some ways yet tougher than steel in others, capable of self-defense and healing, but vulnerable to the smallest invaders at the same time. And it keeps going, sometimes for more than century. Yet there’s one aspect of the human body that deserves praise but seldom receives it – the pure beauty of the human form. No physiological function requires beauty – even reproduction doesn’t require it. We could all function quite happily in lumpy, utilitarian or downright ugly bodies (and some of us do!) yet somehow nature has gifted the human race with rare…

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