The Randomness Of Polar Bear Hunting

Chateau Heartiste

Something totally random happened in Oklahoma yesterday. A white man was randomly shot and killed by three random uruk-hais randomly pointing guns out of their random ghettomobile, and randomly choosing a target upon whom to unload their random fleeting emotions which some might randomly refer to less randomly as a pointed expulsion of hate.

Here are random photos of the random killers looking like any random person would look who randomly decided to shoot a man dead in the back:

In related news, I randomly chose wine instead of kerosene to drink last weekend. I randomly wore shoes to walk outside instead of going barefoot. And I randomly avoided a dilapidated neighborhood known to be full of restless orcs. It’s this randomness of life that makes all of us feel morally superior for avoiding the notice of any non-random occurrences. Three cheers for awful, tragic randomness!

“They pulled up behind…

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On the Subject of a Crummy Childhood and playing the Parent Blamer game

The Salacious Musings of Eros


Dear Parent Blamers…………….
I think I have three words here…”Just stop it”
It’s sad and pointless. And for the rest of us innocent bystanders… very annoying.
To be completely honest, we’re sick of your whining, your complaining, your anger, your victim mentality and your inability to see that your current attitude (not some historical event) is your biggest problem. We’re also sick of you blaming your (current) bad behavior on your parents. What’s standing between you and success right now is YOU. Not your folks, not your history… you. And the fact that you think THEY have sabotaged your life and are somehow responsible for your (current) stupid behaviours and less-than-desirable outcomes, wreaks of denial, immaturity and delusion.
Yes, we all get that your childhood, or parts thereof, sucked – welcome to the world’s largest club…been there done some of that myself
We also get that your old man was…

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Project August: Day 6 – The Hunger of a Dominant

” We desire to hold that treasure that is the submissive woman. It is a need, a hunger within that never truly dies, never truly is ever fully satisfied.”
An extremely accurate description.

Liberate One

Okay, students, pay attention. I know some of you have questions about how a Dominant thinks, what does a Dominant need, and what drives a person to want to be a Dominant in a D/s relationship. So pay attention. I am going to talk about these things from a personal perspective. You may not fully understand all of it, but know that your understanding is not required.

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I want and crave you
I direct and devour you
I own you

belongstoqqquietone's Blog

I want….  And need to feel wanted….
I crave…  And endeavor to be craved……
I obey….  And must be directed…
I taste….. And enjoy being devoured…
I live………And with only you do ” I live”

I love……… As I am yours and everything I am is YOU!

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House-Wife Sexuality


This whats commonly heard from woman who have beta husbands. Where the woman rules. She feels he just isn’t doing enough. WHAT SHE REALLY IS COMPLAINING ABOUT IS THAT SHE DOESN’T FEEL ATTRACTED TO HIM. She thinks that if he does more FOR HER than she’ll love him more or be attracted to him more.  WRONG! Unless is is strictly alpha and no beta. The fact is that woman need to chase their husbands and work/do things TO CAPTURE his attention. Romance is the the arousal, sexual attraction, in love feeling, sexual excitement, What  pulls HER TO HIM.  (call it what you will) Dalrock mentions “the tingle”. Without it she seeks for (variety, other masters aka CAREER, affairs, or multiple husbands)


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