Paleo diet- 2 week update

girl and I have been following the paleo diet now for 2 weeks, so far so good. The most obvious of benefits being steady, even keeled and sustained levels of energy. In other words, no carb crash. No eating a meal and feeling like like you could use a nap.

girl loves it because she has lost 5 lbs. already. Oddly enough, she is on bed rest with a horribly painful pinched nerve in her neck(C5 vertebrae). she cannot exercise at all. We eat certain healthy fats, protein and fruits and vegetables. That’s it in a nutshell.

Early on, I was having problems balancing the whole thing because I lift weights three days a week and I was experiencing cloudiness or grogginess the following day. I quickly learned how to eat A LOT more the following day. I am lean and muscular and I don’t have much in the way of fat stores. I found out that I just needed to consume more fruits and protein directly after the workout, as well as the following day. Hydration throughout the day is essential too. Coconut water in the morning and filtered water during the day does the trick.

Finally, it’s official, I am a cheap date!! We enjoy drinking alcohol on the weekends and since we haven’t any grains or carbs to “soak it up”, we are feeling really buzzed after only 2 or 3 drinks. It’s actually comical at times.

We will definitely be continuing this nutritional plan. We love it so far. We’ll keep you posted.


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