The Mixed Message Trap

Alpha Is Assumed

Much of what separates an alpha male from his inferiors is his ability to call it like he sees it, to cut through the crap, to explicitly state and call attention to the unsaid obvious.  Sometimes the Truth hurts, it can shame people or make them feel uncomfortable.  On the other hand, without Truth we delude ourselves and never correctly identify, much less solve, our problems.

I’m not denigrating the feminine emphasis on sympathy and understanding, for that also plays a role.  Sometimes, when the male tendency to make a quick and decisive call isn’t tempered by the feminine desire to probe and find out what’s really going on (feelings, deeper issues, etc.), it can result in a destructive rush to judgement and make problems worse.

Nevertheless, feminine sympathy without sufficient masculine decisiveness can be just as destructive as a bold bad call.  Think of the groups of female friends…

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