Email to girl

…. I enter the room, you are so ready for me to impose my dominance on you. You already have your wrist and ankle cuffs in place and you have assumed your position on the floor, like my good girl should.
A handful of hair and a gentle but firm tug, brings you to your feet. You are forcibly placed on the bed. You lay there, perfectly still as each of your limbs are put in restraints. I connect each cuff to its corresponding chain thats fixed to the frame. You are spread eagle with your head tilted off the end of the bed. You are slightly uneasy with the feelings of vulnerability and helplessness. Your thoughts race and are difficult to control.
I unzip my pants, freeing my hard cock. I slowly stroke the entire length. I’m aroused by your submission.
Gently, I run my hands all over your body, making sure to take my time in your most erogenous zones. With my left hand, I slide two fingers down to feel your soaked pussy. I take a large pillow and slide it under your sweet ass, to better the angle for your imminent fucking…..
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