Email to girl. Pt. 2

…..I guide my shaft in between your saturated lips, you moan with pleasure as I begin to slowly thrust in and out of you. You are under my control. I can feel tension on the chains as you struggle to move. Your efforts are useless. You let yourself go as you realize that you truly are unable to move. I increase my pace, your orgasm begins to build inside as I feverishly pound your pussy. I lean in, whisper in your ear”you are mine”.
I quickly withdraw from you. I make my way off the bed. While standing over you I force my cock into your mouth. Making certain not to remove any of your juices from my cock. I want you to taste your sweetness.
By now I’m alternating between fucking your face and pussy. I sense you are wanting to cum. I enter your eager mouth once again. Leaning over slightly and reaching down, I begin rubbing that swollen clit. You moan with delight, as I continue with fucking your face.
I hear your mumbled words, I withdraw once again. “Oh sweetheart, it’s hard to talk with my cock in your mouth,isn’t it?” I state with a grin. “Yes Sir” “may I cum please Sir”?….

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